HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download

Reviews– Utilizing HP’s exclusive Page Wide innovation, the X585 is fit for wrenching out up to 70 pages for every moment (ppm). It additionally packs an undertaking evaluation security and a large group of components, including an indistinguishable client interface to equal Laserjet gadgets.

HP offers three models: the duplex-prepared X585dn checked on here, a X585f model with extra fax, and the extent finishing Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z with improved filtering abilities and a haul out console for speedier information passage.All are appraised for a 80,000-page most extreme or 6,000-page suggested month to month obligation, and pitched at gatherings of up to 15 clients.

The X585dn has strong determination. Its thorough administration elements incorporate nearby, LDAP or space access control, configurable all inclusive and at the capacity level.

The locally available hard circle gives encoded capacity, while stroll up sweeps can be messaged, spared to USB or sent to a system envelope. Portable printing backing incorporates Apple AirPrint, with applications accessible for Android, iOS and BlackBerry, in addition to cloud printing through HP’s ePrint administration.

Paper taking care of

There’s a 500-sheet tape in addition to 50-sheet multipurpose data and 300-sheet yield container and programmed duplex (twofold sided) printing.

The 50-sheet programmed record feeder (ADF) underpins programmed duplexing, re-encouraging sheets to catch the converse: on the X585z it’s redesigned with single-pass duplex filtering, ultrasonic mis-nourish identification and a 100-sheet limit.

A second, 500-sheet tape is discretionary.

Standard interfaces involve USB and gigabit Ethernet, with two inner USB ports for outsider upgrades and a front board USB port for direct print and sweep employments. The most recognizable element is the tremendous capacitive shading touchscreen through which everything is controlled; it’s the span of an iPad smaller than usual, and implies that the printer’s just catch is its on/off switch.


While the Officejet Enterprise X585dn isn’t as substantial as a proportionate laser, lifting it is still work for two individuals. Its control board, paper tape and ink drawer are gotten to from the front, however you’ll need space at the left to abstain from hindering the multipurpose food.

It’s curiously calm given its pace, and with no fuser heat it won’t cook adjacent staff. Power utilization is low as well. We quantified 31W when unmoving, ascending to a top of 113W when photocopying at full visit. That is not as much as a tenth of what we’d anticipate from an identical laser.

This MFP takes a couple of minutes to boot up on the off chance that it’s been exchanged off, yet on the first use there’s an erratic setup taking 30 minutes. You can utilize HP’s Web Jetadmin interface to proceed with the gadget design amid the procedure, yet we experienced a slip code. After force cycling the printer it appeared to work fine once more, yet the mistake repeated amid our first print tests. More up to date firmware settled the issue – we sent this remotely by means of the web administrator interface, but on the other hand it’s conceivable from a USB plate at the gadget.

Without a rash of catches, this is an attractive gadget, however we’re not so much persuaded by its touchscreen interface. It’s thorough, permitting access to fundamental capacities, organization, upkeep and more propelled occupation stockpiling and recovery alternatives, and the home screen symbols can be modified. It’s additionally responsive, in spite of the fact that there’s an apparent deferral when entering a sub’s portion menus. Be that as it may, it’s not as easy to understand or natural as the frameworks utilized as a part of some of HP’s purchaser gadgets, which could repress clients from receiving the most in return.


Two years since we initially tried an altered head inkjet, for example, this, despite everything we’re astounded by their pace. HP’s Page Wide framework can apply ink over the full width of the page, so the paper transport needn’t stop for a moving head to get up to speed.

At the default Professional quality setting, the first page of our standard 25-page content archive landed in nine seconds, and the occupation finished at a rate of 31.3 pages for every moment (ppm). More than 100 pages, where the opportunity to first page (TTFP) has less effect, this rose to 39.5ppm. Dropped to General Office quality, the printer came to 50ppm more than 25 pages, and 64ppm more than 100, which looks cleverly quick from a £1,200 MFP.

The gadget gets slower when printing complex representation in shading. At Professional quality the X585dn came to 21.8ppm more than 24 pages. It rose to a noteworthy 34.4ppm at the General Office setting.

Duplexing was helping, with 10 sides of shading representation imprinting onto five sheets in 35 seconds. Utilizing the ADF, photocopies were the snappiest we’ve ever timed, with 10 shading pages copied in 25 seconds, and 10 mono pages in 22 seconds – a common laser MFP needs more to warm up.

Filter quality was high over our tests, yet print quality was changed. Dark content was constantly incredible – most will think that its unclear from laser yield – and representation were without antiquity other than some associating on diagonals at the General Office setting.

Then again, the tone and immersion of representation depended emphatically on paper quality and weight: they were poor on shabby, flimsy papers, and enhanced at 75gsm or more. We saw awesome results on HP’s ColourLok paper, in spite of the fact that there still wasn’t the sheen you’d get from a laser’s toner.

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download

Support for Os:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

How to Install Printer Drivers:

  1. Make sure your printer is connected to power and also has a USB cable connected to a computer or laptop that you use
  2. Open the printer driver files that you have, if not please first download in the download link has been provided.
  3. Double-click the driver file, then to follow the given installation petnjuk
  4. When you are finished, will Munjul last window and simply tap on Finish
  5. Your printer has finished installed, please try to print

The above indications are used for printer driver installation in windows operating system

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download for Windows
Windows 8.1 Windows 8 32bit
Windows 8.1 Windows 8 64bit
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP 32bit
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP 64bit

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow X585z Driver Download for Mac Os X
OS X 10.9 OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.6 Mac OS X 10.6



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